Meals and Menus

      Sea Dragon live aboard dive boat

“Sea Dragon” meals are served “Breakfast” between 7 and 8 AM, “Lunch” as the dive day allows around 12 to 1 PM, and “Dinner” about 7 PM.  Breakfast and lunch are served “buffet” style while the evening meal is served family style at the salon dining table.

Breakfasts vary between several morning themes, but all will have early morning coffee, tea, juices, fruit, plus toast and jams:


       A scrambled egg and sausage main entree

      A cereal (both hot and cold)   main entree

      A pancake breakfast

      A soufflé breakfast

      An egg and Canadian bacon main entree

      A waffle breakfast

All with various accompaniments.

Lunch themes could be:

       A soup and sandwich combination with an extensive selection           of breads, meats and cheeses, lettuce, tomato and           condiments.

      A Bahamian style baked Mac and Cheddar cheese main entree.

      A lasagna main theme (both meat and veggie).

      A hotdog picnic style meal with accompaniments.

      A not your average grilled cheese theme (with 3 different           cheeses 4 different breads and other additions.

      A hot roast beef and gravy main course.

      A hot turkey / cold turkey lunch.

All Lunches served with drinks (lemonade, Ice tea, Gatorade, plus        Sodas and cooler drinks.

Dinner main courses:

       A complete Thanksgiving Turkey dinner with all the            accompaniments.

        A Teriyaki baked chicken (so tender it falls off the bone), with            Egg noodles and vegetables.

       A Roast beef dinner.

       A grilled chicken cookout dinner theme.

       A Roast pork tenderloin dinner.

       A Steak night theme.

       A Pasta night (with large multi vegetable salad).

       A Super Hamburger and accompaniments theme.

       A barbeque ribs theme.

       A baked pork chop (in mushroom cream sauce) theme.

The above listed meals are only a sample of the offerings Sue and Linda prepare each week.  All meals include extensive extras.

We realize that some guests may require restricted dietary needs. With a little advance warning we can provide alternate meals for individuals or entire groups.  Anything can be customized to fit the needs of our guests.  (with enough advance notice)